The Project

The original treatment of ‘Tenerife’ received funding for script development from FilmJUS, the Hungarian Society for the Protection of Audio-Visual Authors’ and Producers’ Rights.

The script is written by Terez Koncz, a London based director and producer.

The project is currently in the script development phase.



Budapest, 2009. The economic crisis effects everything, even human relations and value systems. The suburban intellectual neighbourhood however hold the fort with its inhabitants’ civil optimism.

This is the home of bilingual Bor family, where they all return after another busy and successful day, to celebrate their daily successes with an amazing dinner made by Granny Kitty. Granny Kitty is the wisest, nicest and most amazing grandmother, who sacrificed her career for family. Everybody worships her sincerely.

This family is based on values like love, altruism, good mood, success, and – an overwhelming fear of conflict and confrontation.

Tonight the impossible happens: it turns out that they have all forgotten about Granny Kitty’s birthday wish: a trip to Tenerife, the place where she’s always wanted to go, ‘to see the sea’. Her birthday is in a week…